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Matte Crème Lipstick - Nude Peep Show Edition!

Ahh... The classical Nude lipstick! Always a staple in any beauty lovers bag.

Our Crème matte edition has been carefully selected to suit all gorgeous Skin tones (with a shade for everyone!).

Whether you decide to wear them solo or to pout that layered, contoured or ombré look.

These beaut's offer shea butter complex which is proven to add health benefits and nourish your skin. Also not to mention providing a heavenly coca / vanilla scent... its just so yummy to sniff!

I wanted to add a diverse spectrum of nude variants with different hues to compliment the skin. This is because we all have a natural undertone when it comes to our skin.

But whats also marvellous about this edition is you have the freedom to choose any of the 12 nude shades you like on offer. Without worrying too much about whether it will suit you or not, it's purely down to your preference.

One advice I would like to offer is if you ever purchase a lipstick and you liked the colour of at the time. But then tried on once you got home and changed your mind. USE IT! just use a more comfortable colour your happier with around the lip line to the middle of your lips and fade it in towards the middle of your lips. Then use the colour you don't like so much on the inner part of your lips (this style is known as Ombré lips). You will find this way it softens the harsh hit in contrasting colours which is why i suspect you decided you no longer liked it.

I hope you enjoy our peep show edition and all twelve of its naughty shade names.

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