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I want to tell you a little about me (Isha Panesar)….

I grew up in a town called Heston (West London). I witnessed first-hand how hard working my parents were. Dad got up at 3am to run his successful fruit and veg stall in western international market and Mum ran the local post office. At the age of 5 I lost my Dad to an asthma attack and our lives changed. My Mum suddenly was left with two businesses to run and three children to feed. She had to sell both businesses and enter the life of tiring shift work at the Airport.

She made it work somehow and I will always admire how she just carried on…never giving up.

At the age of 19 I finished studying fashion and entered a horrifying relationship of domestic abuse. It was a lonely and traumatic four years. I did manage to escape thanks to watching an interview on This Morning about domestic abuse. I called women’s aid and was guided on how to escape. I followed the advice and contacted someone I could trust, my sister. I told her what really was happening to me. I couldn't believe how hard it was to tell her. But I am glad I did because as a result my life was saved, I am so grateful.

Now my life is filled with the happiness I never thought was possible! I have two beautiful children and a perfect fiancé (seriously, in every way!).

No one should feel trapped in an abusive relationship. It really is possible to escape and have a second chance to live a healthy happy life!

I was constantly put down, sworn at, controlled, financially tied, threatened and physically abused. I suffered all forms of abuse and as silly as it may sound… makeup was my sanity! It was the only way I could feel free...The ability to express and create without the fear of being ridiculed.

I want to bring this feeling to all who want to harness empowerment! I want you to feel the same as I do when you use my products. This is why Isha Cosmetics ltd was born!

Our products are carefully selected for you, They are animal cruelty free and we are environmentally conscious about plastic use. Ohh...we aren't over priced either!

Amplify your beauty…

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